The Hindu : 21st Jan 2012, Saturday

1. Front Page: Vodafone news

Relevance: Not much

Clue: It mentions somewhere ‘Capital Gains Tax’. Do you know what it is ? If not it may be the right time to know about it and Direct taxes in general. Also you can write few points over DTC (Direct tax code ). Source can be Vajiram or any coaching notes. DTC is given lucidly in economic survey 2011.

2. Editorial page10 : Lokayukta news

Relevance: It’s an important decision which could have bearing on our federal structure. A good eg to be written in Pub Ad answers. Infact lokayukta was asked straight forward in 2011 mains paper of pub ad.

Clue: For people who don’t have pub ad as their optional, it may be the right time to prepare Lokpal, Lokayaukta and ombudsman system in general. Refer laxmikant polity or any other standard polity book.  Also Justice R A Mehta and Governor Kamla Devi are potential 2 markers.

3. Pg 11: Homai Vyarwalla is a potential 2 marker. She was also awarded padma vibhushan last year. Don’t forget to see padma awards last year. They all are made to be remembered by upsc aspirants if not by their fellow countrymen in general.

4. Pg12 : Afghan news

Clue : Know about TAPI, New Silk Road initiative, Marc Grossman. Also update yourself on happenings in Afpak. Hey do you know about Bonn Conference, Istanbul Conference, London Conference, USA’s official Afpak policy, Indo Afghan strategic agreement signed in october 2011. It may be the right time to search them on wiki.

5.Pg 13: AFSPA

Relevance: I don’t see anything useful in the content of the news but it does remind you about AFSPA.

Clue: Read about AFSPA 1958, Irom Sharmila, BV Jeevan Reddy committee, Hamid Ansari task group on AFSPA.

6. Pg13: Srilanka: Trilingual initiative

Relevance: Indo- SL relations, South Asia, Human Rights issues.

Clue: Just brush up your knowledge on Indo-SL relations. Do you know about Rajiv Gandhi accord 1987, 13th amendment, role of India post Ealem war,  geography of north sri lanka, even Srilanka – China relation is not completely irrelevant. Just surf them over internet.

7. Other 2 markers in newspaper : William dalrymple (pg12), Tarun tejpal (pg12), Romila Thapar (pg13)

I found only these items to be useful in Saturday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.

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3 Responses to The Hindu : 21st Jan 2012, Saturday

  1. Anand says:

    Hello came to knw about u through ur posts in this community…I am staying in abroad so no coaching and guidance i am studying public ad my self i have got pawan sir notes and books like faida & faida… method of reading is taking lots of time..for example i am reading a single topic from book and then from notes and integrating it in a4 sheets as my own notes which will be help ful for revision..but it is taking hell lots of time..please suggest something as ur having guidance also…i will be obliged .thanking you

  2. amaniitg says:

    Hi Anand,
    Thnx for the reply.
    ..i suggest you to go through the blog written by Anay Dwivedi (AIR 5) 2009.
    ..i think this must assuage all your queries regarding Pub Ad

  3. brotherhood_will_win says:

    shubhra saxena’s blog is also useful

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