The Hindu : 23rd Jan 2012, Monday

1. Salman Rushdie News: Frontpage

Clue: Do you know about his works other than satanic verses like Grimus, Shame, The Jaguar Smile, Shalimar the clown etc. They are the potential “Match the following” type questions for prelims.

2. Minority news pg7

Relevance: Status of minority in country, vote bank politics etc.

Clue: Do you know about constitutional safeguards given for minorities both religious and linguistic (Art 350A, Art 350B, Art 345, Art 347, FR, DPSP etc), mandate of National Commission for minorities 1992, NMDFC , UN declaration on minorities 1992, Ranganath Mishra Commission, Rajinder Sachar Committee, PM’s 15 point programme etc. This is the time to prepare your general literature on minorities. Source could be India year book (Ch 28 Welfare) , Internet, Laxmikant.

3. Food Security pg7

Relevance : 25 point charter can be asked directly in mains.

Clue: Know about ICDS, Anganwadis, Targeted PDS system, NRHM. Again refer IYB and concerned ministries website. I think 2-3 facts and a general understanding of each scheme should suffice though NRHM can be prepared in a bit detail.

4. Good news Editorial : pg8

Clue: Know about IIP, Headline inflation, Core inflation, WPI, CPI, new CPI series and inflation in general. Source could be any coaching notes.

5. The great leap : Pg8

Relevance: It encompasses the whole Lokpal debate once again for you in case you have forgot any development  that took place in last few months.

Clue: Do you know about Art 252, 253, UN convention against corruption, India’s ranking in Transparency International Report, Protection of human Rights act 1993 which established NHRC ? If not than surf them on net and make concise notes of your own.

6.  Minimum wages: pg 10

Relevance: Debate on Labour reforms in India, Minimum wages in MNREGA.

Clue: Get hold over basic literature of MNREGA, Know about labour legislations in India Minimum wages act 1948, Industrial Disputes act 1947, Contract Labor Act 1970, Industrial Employemnt Act 1946, Maternity Benefit Act etc. Read Ch 21 of IYB for factual details. Also know about Art 39 e f , Art 42, Art 43 etc. which have been put up in the constitution for protecting labor interest.

7. Saleh Pg9

Relevance : Development in Yemen aftermath Arab spring

8. India the impact of internet report by India Digital Summit 2012 : pg11

Relevance : Its result that for every 10% increase in internet penetration GDP can be inflated by 17billion$ is an important fact which can be used while writing on themes like technology and development, IT and development, e-governance etc.

Clue: Do you know about National Broadband Plan, SOFA, NOFA, National Knowledge Network. Their literature can be easily accessed at govt websites. But be careful not to dwell into them too much, just superficial knowledge with 3-4 facts should suffice.

9. Monetary Policy : Pg12

Relevance: Just know about the current developments taking place on economic front.

Clue: Search the terms which you don’t know. Any Indian Economy book/notes can be looked upon.

10. Other 2 markers: Oprah Winfrey (Frontpage), K Rahman khan(pg7), Sudarshan Patnaik (pg7), Justice Katju, CAPART, IRMA (pg 10), CERT-In (pg11), Mitt Romney (pg12)

I found only these items useful in Monday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.

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