The Hindu: 24th Jan 2012, Tuesday

1. National Girl child day : pg6 , pg9

Relevance: Declining child sex ratio is a grave issue before the nation.

Clue: Do you know about the various govt schemes on women and child development like STEP, Priyadarshani, Swadhar, Ujjawala, SABLA, Stree shakti puraskar, Swayamsidha, Domestic violence act 2005, ICPS, ICDS, PCPNDT, Dhanlaxmi, IGMSY, JSY, MTP act 1971 etc. Source could be IYB chapter on women and child development and of course the internet.

2. Wanted : pg8

Relevance: The cable television network (amendment) bll 2011. Just know about the proposed changes.

3.  MNREGA: pg11

Clue: Do you know MNREGA wages were linked with CPI AL last year and the fact that MNREGA wages are lower than minimum wages in at least 14 states. This would help

4. Croatia: pg13

Relevance: Important from PT point of view, I guess. Just glance through the map of Eastern Europe, it’s so confusing.

Clue: Know about the internal structure of EU- EU commission, EU parliament, EU council, Lisbon treaty, Maastricht treaty, Treaty of rome etc. Last week Catherine Ashton was in India.

5.  EU- FTA : pg17

I think we should wait till second week of Feb, as I’m sure newspapers would be flooded with news items on EU considering the India-EU summit scheduled on 10th Feb.

6. Other 2 markers:

Hari Kunzru, Amitav Kumar , Ruchir joshi and Jeet Thayil (Frontpage), Alexandar Cunningham (pg 7, he was in news last year because of 150th year of ASI), Operation Atlanata (pg 10).

I found only these items useful in Tuesday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.

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3 Responses to The Hindu: 24th Jan 2012, Tuesday

  1. krishna says:

    1.W.H.O adopts resolution (moved by India, supported by US, Switzerland) to focus on mental disorder as a non-communicable diseases, as it comprises 13% of global burden of diseases
    2.EU shifts ban on Iran to july so that Spain, Italy,Greece, who all import 68% of oil from Iran to find alternative supplies.As for Iran , oil accounts for 80% of country’s export and 50% of its national budget.
    3.few facts
    3.1- 3 upcoming higher education bills eg.Education Tribunal bill,Prohibition of Malpractise bill
    3.2- RIC (Resident Identity Card) is a 64 kb microprocessor chip.

  2. Anonymous says:

    awesome man!!! i wonder if u know all these what is the lavel of ur knowledge.
    keep up the good work and please do continue with it

  3. anirudh says:

    good job dude …i have studied the same paper …and marked the same news as important but not as u are doing it ….so please dont stop…..continue the good work.

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