The Hindu: 27th Jan 2012, Friday

1. RIL gas pricing: Frontpage, Pg 12

Relevance: Just know about the issue.

Clue: Do you know about the NELP IX(New exploration licensing policy) and the Integrated energy policy? Search them on net.

2. Justice Bhandari: Pg6

Clue: Read about ICJ situated at The Hague, know the difference between ICJ and ICC (International criminal court), Peace Palace, composition of ICJ etc. Are you aware of the internal structure of UN : General Assembly, Secretariat, ICJ, Economic and social council, Trusteeship council etc. Take a moment out and read about the Secretary Generals of UN since 1945.

3. Wages: Pg8

Relevance: Know the issue. We have discussed it couple of days back as well.

Clue: What is SLP? Read Art 136 of constitution and you will know it.

4. Censorship: Pg8

Relevance: Both H5N1 and H1N1 created havoc in last 2-3 years. Read wiki pages of both and know about their spread, their carrier vectors, symptoms, vaccines etc. There is no point in reading this particular article from exam point of view.

5. Norway: Pg9

Relevance: Not much, one can easily escape reading the article. Just know about the Juvenile Justice Act.

6. West Asia: Pg 11

Clue: Do you know the history of peace process in west Asia. Look for Camp David accords, Madrid Conference 1991, Abdullah Peace Plan, Annapolis Conference, Oslo Agreement 1993, Geneva Accord 2003, Washington Summit 2010, Quartet, Six day war, Yom Kippur war, 11973 oil crisis etc.

By the way, those who have mentioned cricket as their hobby who were ‘the Spin Quartet’? This was asked to one of my friend in his interview.

7. South Sudan: Pg11

Clue: Know about the newly formed nation. Its geography, demography and natural resources. Search for South Kordofan conflict, Abyei, Nuba Mountains, Tribal conflict, Dinka tribe, Juba, John Garang, Salva Kiir, Nile river pact etc.

8. Gillard: Pg11

Relevance: 26th Jan is also celebrated as Australia’s National Day and Uganda’s Liberation day. This is an interesting fact, can even be asked in KBC 😀 Do you know who these Aborigines are?

9. Fertilizer: Pg12

Relevance: Know the problems and prospectus of Fertilizer sector in India. Do you know about the Nutrient based subsidy approach introduced in 2010, what is the current N:P:K ratio, uniform freight subsidy scheme, Fertilizer monitoring system, total amount of fertilizer subsidy, urea production in India, DAP, IFFCO etc.

10. Other 2 markers: Noam Chomsky (Frontpage), Christian Wulf, Angela Merkel (pg 8), Damba Diwa Vandana (Pg 11), Vikram Seth (pg 16), The revered Earth (Pg 16), MOH Farook(Frontpage).

I found only these items useful in Friday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.

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1 Response to The Hindu: 27th Jan 2012, Friday

  1. OM PRAKASH says:

    1.M.O.H. Farook- Kerala Governor and Puducherry congress leader passes away.
    2.Greater Nagalim- Today, Nagalim in theory comprises the Nagaland state, adjoining areas of Assam(Karbi Anglong, North Cachar), areas of Arunachal Pradesh(Tirap and Changlang) and singnificant parts of the hill district of Manipur.
    3. Lakshya-II- advanced version of pilotless target aircraft flight a success.
    4.Time has come to unbundle fertilizer industry- A good interview about the problems of Fertilizer industry in India in particular and agriculture and soil health in general. (For Mains) ;
    IFFCO Kisan Sanchaar- Daily 5 sms free to farmers and livestock enterprenuers

    I read Hindu from website. So cant give pg no. Sorry

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