The Hindu: 28th Jan 2012, Saturday

1. Violence: (Frontage)

Clue: Locate Yanam, Mahe, Karaikal on India’s Map. Do you know Puducheery was liberated in the year 1963?

2. UIDAI: (Frontpage)

Relevance: Just know about the NPR(National Population Register) and the crux of whole issue.

Clue: What is Biometrics, Iris recognition, Face recognition, Biometric ATM etc.

3. Toxic Air: (Frontpage)

Relevance: Environment Performance Index is something to be kept in mind.

Clue: Know about the Air Pollution control Act, Central pollution control board, Eco cities, National Air quality monitoring programme, National water quality monitoring programme, Noise Rules enforced after SC’s 2005 Judgement etc. Refer India Year Book Ch 12.

4. Lakshya II: (Frontpage)

Clue: Also search for the other UAVs and drones like DRDO Nishant, Rustom, DRDO Kapothaka, DRDO Ulka, DRDO Fluffy, DRDO AURA, Heron etc. DRDO’s wiki page will help. By the way who is V K Saraswat?

5. Asteroid: (Pg 5)

Clue: Know the differences between an Asteroid and a Meteor. Look for Asteroid belt, Nebula and NASA’s New Frontier Mission, OSIRIS Rex etc.

6. Dealing with Pak: Pg10

Relevance: Indo Pak relations, water disputes, water wars.

Clue: Know all the factual information involved in the issue like 1961 treaty, Baglihar, Kishenganga, Tulbul, Chutak projects, Wular reservoir, Nimo Bazoo project etc. What are the important tributaries of Indus, Chenab and Ravi rivers?

7. Iran: Pg 15,16

Relevance:  A good read. Mark Strait of Hormuz on the map, know about the Iranian Revolution 1979, Ayatollah Khamenei and Indio-Iran payment issue.

8. Follow China: Pg16

Relevance: Solar energy is an important from of Renewable energy.

Clue: Know about the Jawaharlal Nehru Solar Mission.

9. Other 2 markers: Shanta Sinha, NCPCR (Pg 9), Rangarajan Committee on Sugar industry (Pg 20), Jack Dorsey (Pg 15).

I found only these items useful in Saturday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.



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