The Hindu: 2nd Feb 2012, Thursday

1. Everyone wants: Pg6

Relevance: Global Innovation Index prepared by the INSEAD last year placed India at 62th rank among 125 Economies. We must appreciate that it is the Innovation which determines the long term growth of any economy. Know about the composition and functions of National Innovation Council, India Inclusive Innovation fund, state innovation councils, Decade of Innovation etc. What do you understand by the cluster approach?

Clue: Know about the aim and prospectus of National Knowledge network to be deployed in 1500 institutions across the country. Also read about the traditional industrial centers in the country like Moradabad( Brass), Surat (Diamond), Firozabad (Glass), Mirzapur (Carpet), Mandasore (Lock making), Bhiwandi (Powerloom) etc.

2. Growing irrelevance: Pg8

Relevance: Irrelevant! One can easily skip reading the article.

Clue: Know about the Deoband Movement and its ideology since 1866? Who were Rashid Ahmad Gangohi and Md. Nantavi?

3. Strategic lift: Pg9

Relevance: I think it’s the right time to prepare Indo-French relations.

Clue: Incorporation of the ideals of ‘Liberty, Fraternity and Equality‘ in the constitution, Nuke corporation- Areva, Jaitapur, NSG etc, Defence- GARUDA,  VARUN,SHAKTI, Mirage 2000, Scorpene submarine, Rafale etc. Economic- Indo-French CEO forum, trade, investment etc, Space- Megha Trophiques, SARAL, ARGOS, ALTIKA, Kourou space centre has launched so many satellites for India since the launch of APPLE, Education- IIT Rajasthan etc, Cultural- Bonjour India and Namastey France programmes etc.

4. Former ISRO chiefs: Pg10

Clue: Know about the ISRO chiefs since its inception in 1969. They all were the great scientists as well as able administrators like Dr. Vikram Sarabhai, Satish Dhawan, UR Rao, K Kasturirangan, G Madhawan Nair, K Radhakrishnan etc.

5. India- Australia: Pg11

Relevance: The idea of Integrated Watershed Management on the lines of Murray-Darling Basin Authority was recently been mooted by the MM Punchi Commission on centre- state relations. It disfavored the inclusion of water in concurrent list as it might lead to more confusion. Important in the wake of Mullaperiyar issue.

Clue: Look for the Murray, Darling, Burnett (Queensland floods 2011) rivers on the map.

6. India Post: Pg11

Relevance: We have over 1.5lakh post offices across the country and 95% of them are in the rural areas. This is a huge untapped infrastructure which could play a crucial role in our quest for achieving the Financial Inclusion.

Clue: Know about the Project arrow, Postal bank initiative, Mail Network Optimisation Project, New Postal codes etc.

7. China tightens: Pg13

Relevance: Like India, Secessionist movements have also troubled China and have been the prime reason for violence in North west china in the last couple of years or so.

Clue: Know about the Uighurs, XUAR, ETIM etc.

8. Science and Tech: Pg15

Relevance: Know about the Great Indian Bison (Gaur), Insulin, H5N1 (already discussed last week), CRRI (New Delhi) etc.

9. Put cap on public debt: Pg17

Relevance: A good read. Know about current status of govt’s public debt (about 74% of GDP…i’m not sure though!), share of state govts, status paper on reducing public debt presented by the govt in the Parliament in Nov 2010, crowding out effect, external debt and internal debt, management of public debt, compare the public debt levels of different countries for eg Japan has over 200% GDP, Greece about 150% etc. You can refer Economic Survey 2011 for all the factual information and any economy book for the concepts.

10. Other potential 2 markers: Sukumar Azikode (Pg9), IRCON (Pg10), Nirbasan, Taslima Nasreen (Pg20).

I found only these items useful in Thursday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.

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