The Hindu: 7th Feb 2012, Tuesday

1. Home Ministry: Frontpage

Relevance: Are we truly a sovereign, secular, democratic republic of India? The Prime Minister has repeatedly said that we need to win over the hearts of people of Kashmir. I wonder if this is the way to do it. Know the issue.

Clue: Take out a moment and read about the special provisions kept in the constitution for J&K, Art 370, AFSPA 1958, Jeevan Reddy committee, Hamid Ansari Task Group etc.

2. India to: Pg7

Relevance: A good read on the impact of climate change over the patterns of Agriculture.

Clue: Read the IPCC’s 4th assessment report’s major recommendations, efforts made by India in tackling the impact of climate change like NAPCC, eight national missions, NATCOM, INCCA, Grren Tribunals, CDM etc. Prepare 8 missions from last year’s economic survey.

3.  Traffic Management: Pg7

Relevance: A grave issue in front of the nation especially in metros. Also, with the changing pattern of exam these kind of issues have become important for GS mains. It’s ok to give your free opinions in such questions but remember they should necessarily be based on the facts.

Clue: Do you know 50% road accident’s victims are pedestrians(CRRI, Delhi report), there are total of 3.3 million km of road network in India?

So what we need is the strict enforcement of rules, good engineering and educating the people on driving ethics. There is also need to amend Motor Vehicle’s act, establish National Road Safety and Traffic Management Board, adoption of new technologies like ABS system, air bags, use of helmet etc. Search net for more information.

4. Talk less: Pg8

Relevance: Prepare a general literature on harmful effects of radiation exposure. The topic is important particularly in the light of Fukushima and the 25yrs of Chernobyl accident.

Clue: Radiations can be classified as Ionizing and Non Ionizing, look for the sources, uses and biological impacts of both. Read wiki for more information.

5. CVC: Pg10

Relevance: A good read on the relationship between CBI, CVC and the PCA act 1988. Know about the landmark Vineet Narain judgement and the Santhanam committee report.

6. National counter terrorism: Pg10

Relevance: Read about the recent initiatives taken by the GOI to counter the menace of terrorism like NCTC, MAC, NATGRID, NIA, CCTNS, Community Policing, Mobile Policing, regional hubs of NSG etc. By the way who is SC Sinha?

7. Women as victims: PG12

Relevance: Crime against women has seen upsurge in the last year’s crime report of Home ministry. Know about the provisions of PWDVA 2005 and most importantly its five year’s appraisal.This Frontline article should help.

8. Palestinian rivals: PG13

Relevance: An important and much needed development in the middle east crisis. Know about the Hamas, PLO, 2006 election, Md. Abbas, Yasser Arafat, Operation Cast Lead, Goldstone report etc. in case you don’t know them before. Locate West bank, Gaza, Golan heights, Jerusalem, Syria, Sinai Plateau etc. on the map.

9. Massive water: PG13

Relevance: Someone sometime ago predicted that the next world war will be a water war. I don’t know whether we are moving towards that or not?

Clue: Locate Pearl (Xi Jiang) river, Yangtze river, 3 Gorges dam, Huang Po river, Yellow (Huang Ho) river and the Tsangpo river on the China’s map. Mark the important cities like Shanghai, Wuhan (on Yangtze), Guangzou, Hongkong, Macau (Pearl river’s delta region), Kumning, Sana and Beijing on the map. Also locate the Sea of Japan, South China Sea, Bohai Sea, Yellow Sea and East China Sea etc.

10. Upstream: Pg18

Relevance: What are these upstream, downstream and midstream oil companies? Know about the cross subsidy system, Administered price mechanism, Rangarajan committee and Kirit Parikh committe on oil pricing. Read vajiram or any other coaching notes.

11. Bist, Naman: Pg20

Clue: Do you know the differences between Duleep Trophy, Deodhar Trophy, Irani Trophy and the Ranji trophy?

12. Other potential 2 markers: Sharada Dwivedi(Pg10), Wislawa Szymborska(Pg12), Cebu (Pg13), Pratap C Reddy(Pg18), Mario Miranda( Young world quiz).

I found only these items useful in Tuesday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.

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