The Hindu: 9th Feb 2012, Thursday

1. Citing BJP: Frontpage

Clue: Read Art 165 concerning the Advocate general of the state. Know how he is enacted, functions, privileges etc.

2. ED slaps: Frontpage

Clue: Know about the economic intelligence of India like ED, Directorate of revenue intelligence, Directorate of IT intelligence etc. Also note that ED comes under the Dept of revenue and is a law enforcement agency for PMLA and FEMA. Do you know that PMLA 2002 was amended last year in the light of India’s international commitment as a member of Financial action task force FATF?

3. Powered with promise: Pg6

Relevance: Hydrogen fuel is often termed as the fuel of future. Know about the fuel cells, National hydrogen energy roadmap, National hydrogen energy board, safety issues etc.

Where are the headquarters of UNIDO situated? Know about the Industrial Competitiveness report and Global Manufacturing competitiveness index given by

4. Time to be: Pg8

Relevance: A good read, though not much to write.

5. For a far: Pg9

Relevance: Indo-EU relations. Jot down all the issues discussed in the article. By the way what are these Mode 1,2,3,4 services in GATS, WTO?

6. Areva: Pg10

Relevance: A lot have been discussed on the nuclear safety issue, for the heaven’s sake just read one more article on it. Mark keywords like EPR,Flamanville,AERB etc.

7. Playing down irritants: Pg11

Relevance: Indo-China relations. A good read though nothing new to write.

8. When I think of: Pg11

Relevance: Everyone is craving for the right based food security act covering about the 75% of rural and 50% of urban households but hardly people are aware of the stiff implementation issues as pointed out by Rangarajan committee last year. Know about these issues.

9. Falkland island: Pg13

Relevance: It’s an old unresolved issue between the Argentina and England. Look for the islands in Atlantic ocean, Stanley, Falkland war 1982, Cristina Fernandez etc.

10. India’s mangroves: Pg14

Relevance: Mangrove’s in India accounts for the 3% of world’s mangrove vegetation. Know about these forests, their characteristics, places where they are found, Sundarbans, impact of oil spills etc. Refer NCERT Geography and the net.

11. Other potential 2 markers: Lakshya1 (Frontpage), INTACH (Pg2), IGNOU (Pg7, 25 yrs celebrations), Tapas Kumar Kundi, GD Birla award(Pg7), TROPEX(Pg10), INS Shivalik, Sahaydri, Shakti (Pg 10).

I found only these items useful in Thursday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.


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