The Hindu: 10th Feb 2012, Friday

1. Don’t shut: Pg7

Relevance: The Governments all over the developing world need to stand together against the oppressive policies of the west which favors the multinational companies in the name of protecting their Intellectual Property Rights. The issue comes over again and again, be it the Indo-EU trade pact or the WTO Doha round of talks.

Clue: What are the Generic drugs, Data exclusivity, TRIPS, Product oriented and Process oriented regimes, Patent Act 1970, Doha round of talks and TRIPS, Biopiracy, Genetic Colonialism etc. Do you know there are 8 types of IPRs out of them 7 are recognized by WTO under TRIPS like Patents(20yrs), Industrial Design(15yrs), Trade Secrets, Trademark(7yrs), Copyrights, Geographical Indicators(GI) etc. Also look for the Indian products recognized under GI (Art 22,23,24 of TRIPS). Recent entries include Junagarh Kesar Mango, Sanganeri Block Painting etc.

2. Clinical trials: Pg10

Relevance: A serious issue. There is an urgent need for a law to regulate this inhuman practice. We have already discussed before the controversial HPV trials conducted in AP last year.

3. Putting down the borders: Pg10, India and Bangladesh: Pg12

Relevance: India Bangladesh Relations. Know about the various dimensions of our relationship with the most densely populated nation of South Asia like PM’s visit to Dhaka last year, Framework Agreement signed, a protocol on land boundary signed, MOUs over renewable energy, Royal Bengal Tiger conservation etc. were signed, proposed Teesta treaty, Transit pact etc. Other issues like border dispute, growing Chinese influence, $1bn credit line, security issues , SAARC etc.

4. PMO to monitor: Pg12

Relevance: Growing role of PMO, significance of Dedicated freight corridor project etc. Please note that Western corridor will run from Dadri to Mumbai( 1499km) while the Eastern corridor(1839km) will run from Ludhiana to Dankuni.

5. State food ministers: Pg13

Relevance: Know about the issues involved in implementation of Right to food Act. The article is also important from the interview point of view.

6. Public debt: Pg15 and Exports grow: Pg16

Relevance: Your daily dose of ‘Economy update’ :D,  though nothing much to write.

7. Thanks to Aadhar: Pg 20

Relevance: The much awaited Adhaar linked services has finally took off. Know about the prospectus and challenges of such an initiative. A good read.

8. Other potential 2 markers and snippets: G. Vahanvati (Frontpage), Udyanotsav (Pg2), Desmond Tutu (Pg6), Hali system (Pg6), Unani (Pg7), Ajeya tank, INSAS(Pg11), Backward region grant fund(BRGF) (Pg13), Lake Vostok (Pg14), Indra Nooyi(Pg15).

I found only these items useful in Friday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.

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