The Hindu: 13th Feb 2012, Monday

1. Delhi: Pg6

Relevance: Centenary celebrations of Delhi durbar.

Clue: Know about the Delhi durbar 1877, 1903, 1911, Lord Lytton, Lord Curzon, Lord Hardinge II, King George V, Edwin Lutyens, Herbert Baker etc.

2. When e healthcare: Pg6

Relevance: A good read on the prospectus of e commerce in India.

3. MP High Court: Pg7

Relevance: A good read on the problems in implementation of NRHM in the state with poorest IMR and MMR – Madhya Pradesh.

4. T is for trade: Pg12

Relevance: “The challenge for both sides this year will be to insulate gains in the economic relationship from wider strategic anxieties“- I think this is the crux of the article. Know about the recent developments made in the Indo Pak trade relations.

5. CBI would: Pg13

Relevance: A good read over the issue of increasing political pressure in our higher bureaucracy. Raghwan sahab as always has beautifully put forwarded the plight of an honest officer and has also given his valuable advise for the young civil servants.

Though not much to write.

6. Environment reports: Pg14

Relevance: Know about the significance of the concept of Environment Impact Assessment in the policy making. The major problem in an effective EIA is the availability of data; for that Environment Info Centers are being established, besides this there is also a proposal to set up a National Environment Protection Authority. Also look for ENVIS, Go-No Go, B K Chaturvedi committee report on GO-no go, Environment Protection Act 1986, National Environment Policy 2006, Art 48A, Joint Forest Management concept, NC Saxena report on Niyamgiri etc.

Last year India became the third country to constitute the dedicated Green Tribunals after Australia and New Zealand.

7. Go digital: Pg15

Relevance: Know about the issues involved concerning the proposed Cable Television Networks (Amendment) Bill 2011. What do you mean by Conditional Access System (CAS)? Overall the article is worth reading.

8. Arab Ministers: Pg15

Relevance: Know about the options available in the front of international community in bringing peace in Syria especially after the veto exercised by Russia and China in UNSC last week. I think Arab plan for the formation of unity government is one worth considering.

9. Official data: Pg16

Relevance: Results of the Advance Estimates of CSO is out and on an expected lines it has revealed the disturbing picture of economy. Very informative article.

10. Other potential 2 markers and tidbits: Whitney Houston( Frontpage), PMGSY and OMMIS(Pg11), Richard Stallman and his free software movement(Pg 15), President G Berdymukhammedov( Pg15), Jacob Zuma( PG15).

I found only these items useful in Monday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.

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3 Responses to The Hindu: 13th Feb 2012, Monday

  1. Anonymous says:

    great going

  2. anirudh says:

    plz tell something about pub ad prep.

  3. amaniitg says:

    hi Anirudh,
    I suggest you to go through the blog written by Anay Dwivedi Rank 5 CSE-2009. I’m sure it’ll help you out in Pub Ad.

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