The Hindu: 15th Feb 2012, Wednesday

1. The rights of citizens for time bound delivery of goods and services bill: Pg3

Relevance: An important bill proposed by the Minister of Personnel, public grievances and pensions. Read its summary. It’s a good pointer to write in Pub Ad answers.

2. Reduce her burden: Pg6

Relevance: Protection of the labor rights along with ensuring necessary flexibility in hiring, firing etc. is the dual aim of govt’s labor regulatory framework. This has gone significant changes after the liberalization of economy. Keep an eye over the ongoing Indian Labor Conference to know more about the issues involved.

To begin with here is the link for the PM”s inaugural speech. A worth reading.

Clue: Also read Ch 21 Labor from IYB to know about the legislations and regulatory framework for the labour sector in India like Factories act 1948, Industrial Disputes act 1947, Minimum wages act 1948 etc. Another issue which is of prime concern is decreasing work participation rate of women labors. This has also been stressed by PM in his speech.

3. Painting fangs: Pg10

Relevance: A good read on the continuing failure of Indian establishments in checking terror activities.

4. Fresh bid: Pg12

Relevance: India Nepal Hydro diplomacy.

Clue: Know about the Indo-Nepal Friendship Treaty, Mahakali treaty, Kosi/Gandak agreements, Kosi embankment issue, Laxmanpur barrage, Mahalisagar, Rasaiwal, Upper Karnali and upper Marsyangdi projects issue, Susta issue over change in position of Narayani river etc.

There is an urgent need to reduce the ‘trust deficit’ with Nepal over these issues.

5. Do not accept: Pg13

Clue: Take a moment out and read about the functions of Sahitya Natak Academy, Lalit Kala Academy, National school of drama, Sangeet Natak Academy etc. Know about the Sahitya Academy fellowship, Anand Fellowship, Premchand Fellowship etc.

Do you know Sahitya Academy recognizes 24 Indian languages.

6. Pakistan defers, Talks toady: Pg15

Relevance: Keep on updating yourself with the recent ongoing trade talks between both the neighbors.

7. Scouting for: Pg20

Relevance: Proper storage and decomposition of nuclear waste is a challenge which every nuclear nation has to cope up with. Know about the various methods of nuclear waste management like Vitrification, Ion exchange, space disposal, synroc,Transmutation, Geological disposal etc. This link should help.

Clue: Do you know about the Basel convention, Rotterdam convention and the Stockholm convention?

8. Other potential 2 markers and tidbits: Usatad Shamim Ahmed Khan, Ravi Shankar, Senia-Maihar gharana(Pg7), Achievement of Amartya Sen, New Deal, Joseph Stiglitz(Pg 10), AK Damodaran(Pg11), PC Chacko(Pg12), Pearl Square(Pg14), Duleep Trophy winner(Pg18), Srikumar Bannerjee(Pg20), Akhlaq Mohd Khan(Pg20).

I found only these items useful in Wednesday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.

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3 Responses to The Hindu: 15th Feb 2012, Wednesday

  1. anon says:

    white label atms not covered

  2. Anonymous says:

    Please define iYB is this any book?

  3. amaniitg says:

    ya i’m sry…by IYB i meant India Year book 🙂

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