The Hindu: 20th Feb 2012, Monday

1. Spies shouldn’t: Pg10

Relevance: The ongoing debate over the center’s insistence on following the USA model of federal investigation agencies v/s our unique federal structure.

Though, there should not be any compromise in preparedness against the terrorism but there are 3 major concerns raised by the states which have to be given due regard : investigation powers given to NCTC , possibility of its political misuse and the continued neglect of training, manpower and resource generation at the lowest level.

2. Make the pact: Pg10

Relevance: Know about the tripartite agreement constituting GTA, its powers, no. of departments etc. Also know about the Gorkhaland Hill council that ceased to exist 3yrs ago, Bimal Gurung, Subhash Ghising, GNLF, Madan Tamang, Shyamlal Sen Committee etc. Also mark the proposed state of Gorkhaland on India’s map. If you have done this before, it may be the right time to revise it.

3. New game on west: Pg10

Relevance: An excellent article on the middle east but not much relevant from the examination point of view. One can easily afford not reading it.

By the way, who was Rafiq Hariri?

4. Somali deal: Pg13

Relevance: A welcome development in Somalia. Know about the Horn of Africa, Federal Transition Govt in Somalia, Humanatarian situation, Security issues, Al Shabab, International response to the famine in Somalia including UNHCR, WHO etc.

5. Meet sets terms: PG13

Clue: Both H5N1 and H1N1 created much havoc in last 2-3 years. Read wiki pages of both and know about their spread, their carrier vectors, symptoms, vaccines etc.

One can skip reading the article though.

6. Too early: Pg14

Relevance: Your weekly dose on economy updates 🙂 . Make sure you know all the concepts, terms etc discussed in the article.

7. Sustaining growth: Pg14

Clue: Get hold over the proposed power sector reforms.

Know about the Integrated Energy Policy, current generation capacity, UMPPS, mandate of PFC, APDRP, Shunglu Committee recommendations, Electricity Act 2003, CERC, forward and backward linkages of power sector etc.

Do you know the total losses incurred by the state electricity boards last fiscal was whooping Rs 70000 crores.

8. Other potential 2 markers and tidbits: Concept of Community Radio(Pg6).

I found only these items useful in Monday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.

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