The Hindu: 21st Feb 2012, Tuesday

1. The Railway: Pg10

Relevance: Know about the proposed reforms in the railways like modern signalling, checking unmanned crossings, replacing over-aged assets, Kakodar committee recommendations etc.

Also know the recent steps taken for the railway modernization like introduction of Anti collision devices, GPS based fog devices, increase in the number of Adarsh stations, Go India smart card etc.

Do you about the functions of Railtel Corporation under the Ministry of Railways?

2. For oil and peace: Pg11

Relevance: What are the prospectus of future cooperation between India and this new African nation?

Clue: Know about the newly formed nation. Its geography, demography and natural resources. Search for South Kordofan conflict, Abyei, Nuba Mountains, Tribal conflict, Dinka tribe, Juba, John Garang, Salva Kiir, Nile river pact etc.

3. Bangladesh, Nepal: Pg12

Relevance: Water has been one of the major reason for escalating tension in the South Asia. Major disputes include India-China over Tsangpo river diversion, Indo-Pak ( Baglihar, Kishenganga, Chutak, Nimoo Bazoo etc. projects), Indo-Nepal (Mahakali, Susta river, Kosi embankments etc.), Indo-Bangladesh ( Teesta, Feni, Dudhkumar,  Tipaimukh) etc.

There is a need for great sophistication and maturity to be shown in resolving them.

Nothing substantial in the article though.

4. PMO meet: Pg15

Relevance: The rising differences between ministries have put up new challenges in the front of PMO which in recent times has witnessed a surge in its role as the chief coordinator. Know about the issue.

5. New consumer index: Pg15

Relevance: Already asked in this year’s mains.

Clue: Do you know according to a CRISIL study, Indian households spend Rs 5.8 lakh crores extra in last 3 years due to inflation? Know about the changes in WPI introduced last fiscal, CPI(AL), CPI(IW), CPI(UNME), CPI(rural), CPI(urban) etc. Please note that it’s the Ministry of commerce and industry which gives the WPI and CPI s given by the CSO.

6. Other potential 2 markers and tidbits: Rashtriya Swastha Bima Yojana( Pg2), Khetri copper belt and other copper producing areas( Pg7), River Danube (Pg14, Do you know 4 capital cities of Europe are situated on its bank), Manas Air base( Pg14, also look for Kant Airbase), J Hari Narayan, Credit Default Swap (Pg15), World Heritage Sites of Manas and Kaziranga National Parks( PG20).

I found only these items useful in Tuesday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.

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