The Hindu: 22nd Feb 2012, Wednesday

1. NCTC: Frontpage

Relevance: Already a lot have been written on the issue. Keep updating yourself.

2. No statutory backing: Frontpage

Relevance: A fresh debate has sparked off on the issue of giving statutory backing to the model code of conduct in the light of recent controversies involving a union minister. Look for the pros and cons of any such decision being made.

3. Street wise: Pg6

Relevance: According to the 2001 census there are about 12.6 million child labors in India. Know about the problems of street children like child labor, violation of basic rights, socio-cultural impact of a disturbed childhood etc.

Also read about the Child labor act 1986, National policy on child labor 1987, Gurupadswamy committee recommendations, Art 24, National Child labor project, INDUS programme, IPEC programme of ILO, proposal to establish District Child labor Rehabilitation cum welfare scheme, Integrated Child protection scheme, UN Convention of rights of child 1989, Beijing rules on Juvenile Justice etc. Refer India Year Book for the details.

4. Notice to centre: Pg8

Relevance: Know about the MPLAD scheme in a bit detail. It was in news round the year. Know about the revised guidelines of the scheme.

The important changes made are: upto 75% of the project cost can be made as the first instalment, no project less than Rs 1 lakh be sanctioned, basket of work has been expanded, web based monitoring etc.

5. Latin America: Pg10

Relevance: A good read on the prospectus of widening engagement between India and Latin America. The article stressed on the need to develop joint strategies for trade and investment and foster dialogues between countries.

Look for the factual information like PTA with Mercosur, Indo Brazil trade relations, Indian ventures in Guyana, India Venezuela oil diplomacy, ONGC ventures in Carababo basin, untapped potential of natural resources in LAC, comparison with China, south south cooperation, huge diaspora in Suriname and Guyana etc.

Know about the Mercosur, Andean Community, UNASUR, Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas and Central American Integration System.

6. Yemenis vote: Pg13

Relevance: An important development for the impoverished Arab nation.

By the way who is Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi?

7. Working for labor: Pg10

Relevance: Protection of the labor rights along with ensuring necessary flexibility in hiring, firing etc. is the dual aim of govt’s labor regulatory framework. This has gone significant changes after the liberalization of economy. Keep an eye over the ongoing Indian Labor Conference to know more about the issues involved.

To begin with here is the link for the PM”s inaugural speech. A worth reading.

Clue: Also read Ch 21 Labor from IYB to know about the legislations and regulatory framework for the labour sector in India like Factories act 1948, Industrial Disputes act 1947, Minimum wages act 1948 etc. Another issue of major concern is decreasing work participation rate of women labors. This has even been stressed by PM in his speech.

8. Sri Lanka braces: Pg13

Relevance: Violation of human rights by the Srilankan forces during the Fourth Eelam War has caused much uproar in the international community. Know about the Darusman reoprt, Human rights watch report, Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Committee report etc.

9. Other potential 2 markers and tidbits: Teesta Setalvad(Frontpage),Prof CNR Rao (Pg9), Frits Staal(Pg12), Friends of Syria(Pg13).

I found only these items useful in Wednesday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.

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2 Responses to The Hindu: 22nd Feb 2012, Wednesday

  1. lovish says:

    From where to read India- LA-Caribbean, south-south coop., all that is written in point 5 above ????

  2. amaniitg says:

    there is no one source for international relations….just keep noting down factual information from here n there n try to revise them as many times as possible so that u can recollect them as per the demand of the question…..infact this is true for other topics also…sources are newspapers magazines n wiki…so revision is d key

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