The Hindu: 23rd Feb 2012, Thursday

1. Centre can directly: Frontpage

Relevance: Establishment of a Central Monitoring System is an important development which should further strengthen the intelligence structure in the country provided necessary safeguards be placed to avoid any misuse.

Do you know that Phone tapping by authorities is legal in India as per Indian Telegraphs Act 1882? This link should help:

2. The model code: Pg10

Relevance: I’m still not very much convinced with the argument that giving legal backing to the code will weaken the moral suasion exercised currently by the EC. Just because Judiciary in our nation is overburdened should not deter us in going to the courts for seeking justice. Statutory backing will not only give teeth to the code but will also reinforce its moral sanctity. Overall a good read.

3. Say no to: Pg11

Relevance: Anything written on drugs these days is important for the exam 🙂 Extract out the factual contents like Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS) 1985, Bacchan Singh case (Rarest of rare regime was first given by the SC in this case only), war on drugs etc.

Also look for the UN single convention on narcotics drugs, Global commission on Drugs report (2011), experimental approaches adopted by Portugal, Columbia etc, role of Central Bureau of Narcotics, Mexican drug war etc.

4. Italy is wrong: Pg11

Relevance: Finally something useful written on the Enrica Lexie issue.

5. To IB or: Pg11

Relevance: The article provides a balanced view on the NCTC issue backed by the facts. A good read.

6. Farmer friendly : Pg13

Relevance: Mihir Shah Report has tried to address some of the long due concerns raised by the agricultural community over MGNREGA. Some important changes are:

i. It will now allow the eligible farmers to hire labors during agri season paid under the MNREGA, thereby catering to the problem of labor shortage faced during the season.

ii. Application process has been automated which will facilitate the payment of unemployment allowances

iii. states have to approve their annual plans regarding the work to be done under MNREGA etc.

7. Use new frontiers: Pg17

Clue: Prepare a general literature on Nano technology, current focus,future prospectus and challenges etc. Look for the Carbon nano tubes, Nano composites, Nano sensors, Nano crystals, Nano transistors, nano fibres, Nano medicine, Lab on a chip, Nano shells, Nano drugs, Nano robotics, Nano filteration, Precision farming, Nano emulsions, Nano satellites, Implications of Nano technlogy, Gray goo, Nano divide etc.

Also know about the initiatives taken by GOI for promoting research in Nano technology. Refer Vajiram or any other coaching notes.

8. Rangarajan: Pg18

Relevance: An important set of recommendations by PMEAC on the prospectus of economy this fiscal. It has primarily stressed on reducing oil and fertilizer subsidies, increase in excise, increase in the diesel prices etc. to check the widening fiscal deficit.

9. Power sector: Pg18

Relevance: A good read on the challenges faced by gas based power companies these days, though not much to write.

10. Other potential 2 markers and tidbits: CHILDLINE 1098(Pg6), Haider Raza(Pg7), Murrah Buffalo(Pg7), Sachidananda ‘Agyeya’ (Pg13), Marie Colvin(Pg15), Kevin Rudd(Pg15), Yukiya Amano and Group 5+1(Pg15), RFID (Pg16), In vitro meat and Test tube Humberger(Pg16), MCX(Pg18).

I found only these items useful in Thursday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.

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2 Responses to The Hindu: 23rd Feb 2012, Thursday

  1. lovish says:

    On Model Code of Conduct. I find it good to share.

  2. amaniitg says:

    informative and balanced article!!…thnx for sharing lovish

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