The Hindu: 25th Feb 2012, Saturday

1. Centre intends: Pg14

Relevance: Already a lot have been written on the issue. Keep updating yourself.

2. US prison: Pg15

Relevance: Know the entire issue over the use of lethal injection in execution. Some of the keywords to search are Sodium Thiopental, Hospira, Lundbeck, Pento barbital,  Kayem Pharma etc.

Clue: Do you know the countries where active Euthanasia is legal?

3. Clear the irritants: Pg19

Relevance: National Manufacturing Policy unveiled recently is the blueprint for our approach to galvanize the secondary sector. Some of the key targets are creation of 100 million jobs and increasing the share of manufacturing sector to 25% in the coming decade. For this purpose it has proposed to set up NMIZs as the green field ventures to channelize investment and create world class infrastructure. The policy clearly focuses on the employment intensive industries and the industries where India carries relative edge to promote exports.

National Manufacturing Policy clubbed with the National Skill development initiatives and the Foreign trade policy can do wonder for the manufacturing sector not only by creating the technological depth but also by establishing a holistic framework for the sustained and inclusive growth.

4. House Panel: Pg19

Relevance: Read the key points of proposed DTC Bill like fixing Corporate tax at 30%, replacement of profit linked tax incentive to Investment linked tax incentive, Advanced pricing agreement for international transactions, introduction of taxation on NPOs, branch profit tax on foreign companies, amendment in tax slabs etc.

Overall DTC aims at consolidation and integration of all DT laws like IT Act 1961, Wealth Tax Act 1957 etc. into a single legislation in order to establish an efficient, effective and equitable DT system which will facilitate voluntary compliance.Read Economic Survey 2011 for further details.

Do you know it’s the section 80C of IT Act which deals with various tax benefits provided to the taxpayer?

5. Other potential 2 markers and tidbits: Roddam Narsimha (Frontpage), Tarun Tejpal( Pg3), JK Rowling(Pgi 17), Human Safari(Pg22).

I found only these items to be useful in Saturday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.

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4 Responses to The Hindu: 25th Feb 2012, Saturday

  1. praveen pal says:

    excellent MR. FAKE JOURNALIST.
    U R well knowledged with newspaper reading approch for civil srvices .
    thnk u so mch bro.
    hatsoff to u….
    keep posting..
    i will also contri ur daily articles as soon as possible…

  2. Nice initiative…..
    Pg 24: Voyeuristic tribal tourism
    – Bondas are Primitive tribal group( PTGs). For detail on refer India Yearbook
    – Semi nude
    – speciality is heavily beaded silver necklace
    We should know about ” Protection of Aboriginal Tribes Regulations, 1956″

    Pg19: New Policy on Urea
    Key words : Greenfield and brownfield projects, Import priority area

    • * Import parity price :The import parity price is the cost of purchasing it on the international market and transporting it to a particular location. This includes the cost of purchasing it on the world market, sea-freight, insurance, port charges, overland transportation, handling, tariffs, and other taxes. The import parity price is always greater than the world price and the export parity price. See export parity price.

  3. Nitish says:

    great work..dude
    pg 24 :on tribal issue also refer to impacts of tourism.

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