The Hindu: 26th Feb 2012, Sunday

1. Small loans: Frontpage

Relevance: Coercive methods of repayment adopted by micro finance institutions especially SKS in AP hit the headlines last year. Know the issue.

The controversy also generated the debate on regulating the micro finance sector in India. Govt. came up with the Microfinance Sector Regulation Bill which proposed to set up a microfinance development council and made RBI as the sole regulator of the sector. The bill also took note of the YH Malegam committee report which gave some important recommendations like creating a new category of NBFC MFI, putting cap of 24% intereset rate, regulating capital adequacy ratio of MFI’s and other guidelines to safeguard customer interests. Search on net for all these things.

Do you know who is Vikram Akula?

2. Where have our: Pg6

Relevance: A good read. Also know about the Convention on Migratory Species also known as Bonn Convention, Ramsar Sites in India and the Montreux Record.

Do you know where is the Salim Ali centre for Ornithology situated?

3. Chilling facts: Pg6

Relevance: A very informative article on visible evidences of Global Warming. Glacial Lake Outburst flood is the buzzword nowadays among the environmentalists. Also Chewang Norphel and his Artificial Glacier concept had got the global attention in last few years.

4. Refrain from: Pg9

Relevance: Indo China border dispute.

Clue: Know about the history of Indo-China border dispute, 1912 agreement, 1907 Anglo-Russia treaty, Johnson line, McMohan line, 1963 Sino-Pak treaty, 15th round of border talks etc.

5. Indian weapons programme: Pg12

Relevance: Australia recently gave the nod to export Uranium to India. It was an important development for our 3 stage nuclear programme.

Do you know Australia has the largest Uranium resources in the world. By the way where is Tumalapalli situated?

6. Other potential 2 markers and tidbits: Black buck and Taal Chhapar (Frontapge), Mamta Sharma(Pg5), WiMax(Pg8), Abd Raddu Hadi(Pg12), Namdapha National Park(Pg16).

I found only these items to be useful in Sunday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.

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