The Hindu: 3rd March 2012, Saturday

1. Sanction for prosecution: Pg2

Relevance: It was a landmark judgement by the SC, know about it.

Clue: Also know about the legal framework for fighting corruption like Prevention of corruption act 1947, amendments done in 1964, 1988. Refer ARC II report 4: Ethics in governance.Also look for Santhanam committee, Vineet Narain judgement, CVC, NN Vohra Committe etc.

2. GJM puts ball: Pg9

Relevance: We have already discussed this issue before. Know about the tripartite agreement constituting GTA, its powers, no. of departments etc. Also know about the Gorkhaland Hill council that ceased to exist 3yrs ago, Bimal Gurung, Subhash Ghising, GNLF, Madan Tamang, Shyamlal Sen Committee etc. Also mark the proposed state of Gorkhaland on India’s map. If you have done this before, it may be the right time to revise it.

3. Unholy mess: Pg11

Relevance: A good read on a very serious issue. Know about the various initiatives taken in this direction like the Ganga Action plan I , GAP II, National River conservation directorate, National Ganga river basin authority, role of Central and state pollution control board etc.

GAP was first introduced in 80s yet it failed to cast any impact, it was primarily because the older approach was town centric, end of pipe one focussing only on the high polluting areas while NGRBA (2009) considered whole basin as a unit of development. Moreover, last year $ 1 billion aid was provided by the World Bank to the NGRBA under its Clean Ganga project which applied a holistic approach based on the four pillars of waste water treatment, industrial pollution control, solid waste management and the river front management.

4. Speeding on safety: Pg12

Relevance: A good read on the recent amendments made in the Motor vehicle’s act 1988 as recommended by the Sunder Committee.

Clue: Do you know 50% road accident’s victims are pedestrians(CRRI, Delhi report), there are total of 3.3 million km of road network in India?

So what we need is the strict enforcement of rules, good engineering and educating people on their driving ethics. Also there is need to establish a National Road Safety and Traffic Management Board, adopt new technologies like ABS system, air bags, promote use of helmets etc. Search net for more information.

5. A river sutra: Pg13

Relevance: Nothing much in the article but get yourself acquainted with the map given and all the rivers mentioned. Important from the PT point of view.

6. Iran and India: Pg17

Relevance: An important development in the Iran oil payment issue.

By the way where is the Halkbank situated and how is it related to the issue?

7. Other potential 2 markers and tidbits: Quo Warranto and other writs(Pg9), Gen Ne Win(Pg11), Jewish Iranian Community and Zionism(Pg16), Zangmu Dam(Pg16), Commodore Bainimarama(Pg16), Anil Agarwal(Pg18), Upstream and downstream companies(Pg18), Blu-fi(Pg22).

I found only these items useful in Saturday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.

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