The Hindu 13th March 2012, Tuesday

1. Rs 2.84 lakh: Frontpage

Relevance: It’s a landmark decision having socio economic implications. Know about the concept of compulsory licensing and the Patents Act 1970.

Clue: What are the Generic drugs, Data exclusivity, TRIPS, Product oriented and Process oriented regimes, Patent Act 1970, Doha round of talks and TRIPS, Biopiracy, Genetic Colonialism etc. Do you know there are 8 types of IPRs out of them 7 are recognized by WTO under TRIPS like Patents(20yrs), Industrial Design(15yrs), Trade Secrets, Trademark(7yrs), Copyrights, Geographical Indicators(GI) etc. Also look for the Indian products recognized under GI (Art 22,23,24 of TRIPS). Recent entries include Junagarh Kesar Mango, Sanganeri Block Painting etc.

Do you know in last 3 years we have witnessed 10% upsurge in total number of patents filed.

2. Good customer: Pg7

Relevance: Already asked in this year’s mains, know about the Damodaran committee recommendations, KYC, no frill account, RTGS, Payment corp of India etc. Though nothing much in the article.

3. Bodoland: Pg8

Relevance: A good read on the entire Bodoland Movement issue. Know about the major areas lying under the Bodoland region, Bodo language and schedule VIII, Bodo Accord 1993, BTC , role of Bangladesh and Bhutan in curbing the insurgency. Also locate Kokhrajhar near the Chicken’s Neck region.

4. NRHM to soon: Pg10

Relevance: A very informative article. Try to read a bit in detail about the NRHM, its structure and funding mechanism, role of PRIs, CHC, PHCs, RKC, VHCs, ASHAs, recent NRHM scam, role of state govts,18 special focused states etc.

Gather the required factual information from the ‘SRS Bulletin’, an important document released under the Census 2011.

5. New push on services: Pg11

Relevance: With over 60% contributions in GDP and 40% in total exports, a bread earner for 36% of working population, service sector should play the pivotal role in achieving our aim of faster and inclusive growth. Nonetheless, creation of IMG is a noteworthy development.

At present there are three major challenges in front of the sector: first, retaining the country’s competitiveness in the sectors like IT, ITES, Telecom etc where we have already established a Brand Image, second to enter into the traditional services areas like Tourism, Shipping etc. and finally to enter into the globally traded services like Financial services, helath services,KPOs etc. To achieve these goals we urgently need some important policy reforms like relaxing the FDI limits on Insurance(26%), Banking(74%) etc, promoting NEMs, further opening the economy etc.

By the way, what do you mean by Non Equity Modes NEMs?

6. Industrial growth: Pg14

Relevance: 6.8% growth in IIP with manufacturing sector showing 8.5% growth rate are some healthy signs for our economy. Keep reading these sort of articles and also jot down anything you found worth remembering.

7. Other potential 2 markers and tidbits: Vijay Bahuguna(Frontpage), National Green Tribunal(Pg3), Joint Session of Parliament and Art 108(Pg10), CDMA and GSM mobile technologies(Pg14).

I found only these items useful in Tuesday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.

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