The Hindu: 15th March 2012, Thursday

1. Mamta derails: Frontpage and the rail budget in general

Relevance: Be very specific and intelligent while extracting out information relevant for the exam. My picks for the day are:

–> upto 30% fare hike in SL and AC classes

–> decision to set up a Railway Safety Authority as recommended by Kakodar committe

–> decision to set up a National high speed railway authority ( in this context know about the high speed maglev trains in the world eg TGV(France), CRH380A(China), ICE(Germany) etc.)

–> decision to set up biotoilets (

–> additional members in railway board

–> poor operating ratio (amount spent to generate Rs100 revenue) of 95%

–> increased incentive for attracting private investment

–> decision to set up a wagon factory in Ganjam (Odisha) and 2 coach factories in Kutch and Kolar (in this context know the major production units of IR like Chittaranjan locomotive works, Diesel locomotive modernization works- Patiala, Diesel locomotive works-Varanasi, Rail Coach Factory- Kapurthala, Integrated Coach Factory- Perumbur, Railwheel Factory- Bengaluru, Rail Coach factory, Rae Bareily, Electric Loco factory- Madhepura etc.

Populism will run (Pg11) ,The engine is politics(Pg10) and Safety measures(Pg12) are other worth reading articles.

2. In search of ‘sexy’: Pg11

Relevance: An important food summit on the lines of Davos recently being concluded in Rabat, Morocco.This should help:

Though one can easily skip reading the article.

By the way, have you watched the hollywood classic ‘Casablanca’? 🙂

3. India’s alarming share: Pg18

Clue: Know about the National Leprosy Control Programme, National Leprosy Eradication Programme, NELP I, NELPII etc.

4. Bills on anvil: Pg6

Relevance: A good read on the important legislations to be discussed in the budget session of the parliament.

5. Other potential 2 markers and tidbits: Akash Tablet(Pg5), Contributions of HN Kunzru(Pg7), Ibobi Singh(Pg9), Thomas Lubanga and the ICC ruling(Pg15), MCX-SX(Pg16), Rhea and Cassini Mission(Pg18), Hicky’s Bengal Gazette, Treaty of Seringhpatnam(Pg22).

I found only these items useful in Thursday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.

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3 Responses to The Hindu: 15th March 2012, Thursday

  1. Anonymous says:

    i dont know what benefit u get from pasting just 1-2 lines.. 😐
    it just seems stupid views…

  2. amaniitg says:

    u see d purpose of this blog is not to write the review or summary of newspaper rather d aim is to point out what is relevant n what is not…that is it…der is no need to rewrite already written….

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