The Hindu: 20th March 2012, Tuesday

1. India inclined: Frontpage

Relevance: Finally govt had made its stand a bit clear on the Sri lankan issue which for sure will have far reaching strategic implications. Nevertheless, we have already discussed the issue a thousand times before.

2. Jayalalitha: Frontpage

Relevance: An important development crucial in meeting our nuclear power production target of 20000MW generation by 2020.

Clue: Also know about the B K Chaturvedi committee report (on environment clearance), APJ Kalam’s defence for Nuclear power, Nuclear safety provisions in Kudankulum, Chernobyl and 3 mile island accidents, Coastal Regulation Zone Rules, Washington Communique, Closed and open Nuclear cycle etc.

3. Now planning commission: Pg13

Relevance: Even though the govt has embarrassed itself in past by giving such poverty figures, the truth is that these numbers are for mere statistical purpose to measure the impact of the govt programmes otherwise for the purpose of targeting the beneficiaries, states are using their own methods.

Also know about the Tendulkar committee, Uniform recall period(URP) and mixed recall period(MRP), N C Saxena committee and the concept of automatic exclusion and automatic inclusion, Hashim committee, Abhijit Sen committee, UNDP’s multi poverty index etc.

Do you know that right now our basis for identifying BPL is the consumption of total calories which is 2100 in urban and 2400 in rural areas?

4. New insights: Pg18

Clue: Take a moment out and read about the development and influence of Dravidian architecture in South India. Some of the keywords to begin with are : differences between Dravida, Nagara and Vesara temple architecture, important temples constructed by various dynasties and their peculiar features like Vijaynagar (Gopurams, pillared mandaps, Vithalswami temple, Hampi etc.), Nayaka(Meenakshi-Sundereswara, Prakarams etc), Chalukyas( Badami, Pattadakal, Virupaksha Temple, Ellora etc), Pallavas( Mahabalipuram, Kailashnath temple at Kanchipuram etc), Chola (Brihadeshwar Temple, UNESCO Heritage sites, role of Rajaraja chola etc), Hoysala( Kesava temple- Belur) etc.

Read Spectrum’s culture book for more details.

5. Equinox day: Pg2

Clue: March 20, the day of Vernal Equinox is not just a significant astronomical event but it also holds high in the Vedic literature especially Vedic astrology.

Know a bit about the Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes, summer and winter solstice, reason for solar and lunar eclipse, penumbra and umbra, Earth’s motion and change of seasons, countries lying on the Equator, Tropic of cancer, capricorn etc.

These all things are important from PT point of view.

6. Other potential 2 markers and tidbits: Wajahat Habibullah(Frontpage), BindeshwarPathak(Pg2), Justice AS Anand Committee(Pg7), SK Jain and Srikumar Bannerjee(Pg13), Deodhar Trophy(Pg20).

I found only these items useful in Tuesday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.

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