The Hindu: 27th March 2012, Tuesday

1. Upper House for Rajasthan ?

Clue: Look for the Art 169 in the constitution. Know all the 6 states with Bicameral legislature in India.

2. Some poignant pointers: Pg8

Relevance: The highlights of “Understanding Gender Equality in India 2012” are as follows:

i. There is a wide disparity in the gender development across the states in India eg Goa and Rajasthan

ii. The retention of girl child in school is still a challenging task eg West Bengal, Sikkim

iii. Delhi,Punjab,Haryana may be economically progressive but have a skewed sex ratio.

iv. There is a huge state disparities in terms of child sex ratio eg Mizoram and Haryana

v. 30% of women in India experienced physical violence and 8% experienced sexual violence.

vi. Representation of women in higher judiciary, cabinet etc. is abysmal.

3. At nuclear summit: Pg12

Relevance: A good read. Keep an eye over the upcoming developments in Seoul this week.

4. Other 2 markers and tidbits: CPIAL and MNREGA(Pg5), Macky Sall(Pg13), Mario Monti(Pg12), POSCO controversy and Meena Gupta, NC Saxena committee(Pg14), Manik Godghate(Pg20),David Cameroon(Pg20)

I found only these items useful in Tuesday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.

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9 Responses to The Hindu: 27th March 2012, Tuesday

  1. sneha says:

    hii…fake journalist..:))…gr88 work u r doing …really appreciate it ….just one thing …if the analysis coud be posted in the morning or maybe a little early …it wud be of so much help …:)..just a request u may look into …:D

  2. amaniitg says:

    sneha ji
    i genuinely try to put analysis asap but somehow cudn’t do it 😦
    …what i can suggst u is to create a buffer of 1-2 days so that u won’t feel the delay…evry morning u will then have paper as well as analysis


  3. sneha says:

    its ok aman …:))…as it is ur posts are of gr88 help to us …:D….i dont mind the delay .:p…btw are u an aspirant urself ???…

  4. amaniitg says:

    i m preparing too in delhi

  5. amaniitg says:

    ya i gave d intrvw last yr…n dis yr too
    …my optionals r physics and pub ad

  6. sneha says:

    wow dude…best of luck …:))…may u get thru this year …\m/…how much did u score in GS last year ???…

  7. amaniitg says:

    212..but hoping better this time 🙂

  8. sneha says:

    :D…what has been ur general strategy in GS ,…what are the sources u refer to ??in addition to hindu i.e. ….is there some piece of advice u can give a newbie like me who ll be appearing for the first time this year ??…pre and mains both …will be really grateful to you..:)

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