The Hindu: 28th March 2012, Wednesday

1. Manmohan, Gilani: Frontpage

Relevance: A good read in the context of Indo Pak trade relations. Take a moment out and revise some positive developments that took place in last few months especially Anand Sharma’s Pak visit.

2. New advisory for: Pg2

Clue: Prepare your general literature on e waste like definition of e waste, compounds like poly chlorinated biphenyl( PCB), PVC etc, traditional methods of dealing with e waste like Acid bath, Land filling, burning etc, steps taken like e waste( management and handling) rules 2011, ROHS, WEEE by EU, e parisara project, Environment Protection Act 2006, Basel Convention etc.

By the way, what do you mean by Green Computing?

3. Why only Africans?

Clue: Know about the mandate of ICC, Thomas Lubanga trial etc.

Do you know the difference between ICC and ICJ?

4. BRICS is the: Pg11 and China defends: Pg16

Relevance: The article(Pg11) by Hu Jintao gives the glimpse of Chinese view on the relevance of BRICS forum. Important from the mains point of view.

5. India cities: Pg12

Relevance: Jot down all the major steps mentioned in the Seoul Communique needed to thwart the danger of nuclear terrorism. Compare it with Washington Communique signed two years back.

6. India will achieve: Pg13

Relevance: Prepare your general literature on sanitation including the major findings of this report. Know about the Total Sanitation Campaign, Community led total sanitation approach, Nirmal Gram Puraskar, concerned MDG, Biotoilets, Sulabh International etc

7. Supreme Court to frame: Pg14

Clue: Know about the constitutional status of media, interpretation of Art 21 in Maneka Gandhi, AK Gopalan case, Ar 191(a) v/s Art21 debate, role of Press Council of India etc.

In the above article there is a mention of ‘Vishaka Guidenlines’, do you know about this important case of Vishaka v/s State of Rajasthan in the context of sexual harassment of women at work places?

8. Assad accepts: Pg15

Relevance: Know in brief about the Kofi Annan’s Plan and remember it to write in any Syria related question in mains.

By the way, who was the UN Secy general before Kofi Annan and also to which African country does Mr. Annan belongs to?

9. India will not: Pg15

Relevance: A good read on the Iranian oil payment issue.

10. Other potential 2 markers and tidbits: Pushtola Incident(Frontpage).

I found only these items useful in Wednesday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.



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