The Hindu: 29th March 2012,Thursday

1. Fast forward: Pg6

Relevance: FM in his recent budget speech announced the establishment of National high speed railway authority meant to address the rising demand for fast speed trains in India.( in this context know about the high speed maglev trains in the world eg TGV(France), CRH380A(China), ICE(Germany) etc.)

Do you know the average speed of our freight trains is 26 km/hr which is embarrassingly low compared to that of China’s 120km/hr.

2. The art of schooling: Pg10

Relevance: A good read.

Clue: Take a moment out and brush up the constitutional provisions concerning Education like Art 45, 86th amendment, Art 51A(k), Art 21, Art 30 etc. Also know about the Mandal Case (Indira Shawney v’s Union of India) in which Supreme court laid down its detailed guidelines for Creamy layer exclusion.

3. Local Solutions: Pg10

Relevance: A good read though nothing much to write.

4. BRICS to focus: Pg13 and BRICS for: Pg16

Relevance: The best article written so far covering all the major issues in front of BRICS nations and likely to be taken up in the recent summit.

Prepare factually in as much depth as you can on BRICS summit like order of population, economy etc of all 5 nations, BRICS summits since 2009 Yekaterinburg summit, theme of New Delhi summit, role of Goldmansacs in conceptualization etc.

5. Ruling on execution: Pg15

Relevance: An important judgement, moreover the article provides a quick revision of the whole issue in case you forgot.

6. Cancer killed: P618

Clue: Prepare your general literature on Non Communicable diseases(NCDs). Last year an important resolution supported by India was passed by the UN relating to NCDs, know about it.

Also, if you happen to come across any good literature on ‘NCDs and India’, do share it.

7. Other potential 2 markers and tidbits: CVRDE, Avadi(Pg12), Salala Incident(Pg15), Blackberry controversy, RIM and HK Gupta committee(Pg16).

I found only these items useful in Thursday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.

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