The Hindu: 6th April 2012, Friday

1. Naval exercise: Frontpage

Clue: Know about the major joint exercises participated by Indian forces like Malabar( India, USA, Japan),Shakti 2011, Garud, Varuna(Indo French), Indradhanush(Indo UK), Indra(Indo Russia), Milap(Botswana), Exercise Eastern Bridge(Oman), Op Sampriti(Indo Bangladesh military), Sindex(Indo Singapore air),SLINEX II(Srilanka navy) etc.

2. Mahavir Jayanti: Pg 2

Clue: Take a moment out and read about the religion of Jainism in general, core beliefs like triple gems of Jainism (Right view, Right conduct and Right Knowledge), Shwetambar and Digambar, Tirthankaras like Rishab(1st), Prasar(23rd), Mahavira(24th and last),important Jain sites like Dilwara, Ranakpur in Rajasthan, Shravan Belagola in Karnataka etc.

3. Arab world: Pg7

Clue: Know the famous women noble laureates like Tawakel Karman(Yemen), Ellen Johnson Sirleaf( Liberia, 1st african women President),Leymah Gbowee(Liberia), Elinor Ostrom(Economics), Herta Muller(Literature), Elizabeth Blackburn( Medicine), Francoise Sinoussi( Medicine), Wangari Mathai(Kenya), Shirin Ibadi(Iran), Mother Teresa, Madam Curie, Aung San Su Kyi etc.

4. Other potential 2 markers and tidbits: Ethics Committee, Rajya Sabha(Pg2), Mariana Trench, Challenger Deep, Xenophyophores(Pg10), Babu Jagjivan ram(Pg12), Hashimpura Massacre(Pg14), AEW&C sysem and Indo Brazil defence relation(Pg14), Square Kilometer Array Telescope(Pg15), Google’s Project Glass(Pg15).

I found only these items useful in Saturday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.

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