The Hindu:13th April 2012, Friday

1. Court upholds RTE: Frontpage and Pg10

Relevance: Needless to say, a landmark judgement. The country has witnessed an interesting debate between the law makers and the law interpreters over the extent of Fundamental Rights, the DPSPs and the power of state to reserve seats for the socially and educationally backward people in educational institutions.

It all started with the Champakam Dorairajan case 1951 when the SC declared unconstitutional the Madras govt’s move to give caste basis reservation as that would violate the FR under Art 29(2) of the constitution. The parliament responded by passing the 1st amendment act 1951 which added the Art15(4), allowing the state to discriminate for the benefit of backward people.

It was then in the Indra Sawhney Case( Mandal case)1992, SC came up with the broad guidelines for implementing reservation policy of the state including the concept of creamy layer exclusion, 50% maximum limit, no reservation in promotion etc. To counter effect the negative implications of this judgement, Parliament enacted the 77th and 81st amendment acts which allowed the reservation in promotion and the carry forward policy of the govt, the genesis of >50% reservation.

Another twist in the tale came with two judgements of TMA Pai foundation(2003) and the PA Inamdar cases (2005) in which the apex court prohibited any sort of state intervention in the admission process of unaided and minority educational institutions. Also,SC in Inamdar case for the first time considered ‘education’ as a profession and treated any state regulation as a violation of Art 19 1(g) which guarantees the FR of freedom of profession.

The Parliament responded by enacting 93rd Amendment act 2005 which added the Art15(5). It says the state can reserve seats in favor of the backward classes including OBCs in educational institutions whether aided or unaided except the minority educational institutions.

But it’s for the first time in this case the highest court has reconsidered this matter after the notification of RTE interpreting various clauses like Art 21, Art 21A, Art19 1(g), Art 29(2), Art 30, Art45 at the same time. This shows the importance of today’s judgement.

Finally, as remarked by the CJI, RTE will be applied from today onwards in all aided and unaided non minority educational institutions including the minority aided ones.

This will further clear (or confuse 🙂 ) the picture:

2. Rs 30,000 cr bailout: Frontpage

Relevance: A much needed relief for Air India. Know about the Dreamliner aircrafts, Dharmadhikari Panel, Naresh Chandra Committee, Rohit Nandan, initiatives for Aviation sector taken in the budget etc.

3. Guns and no roses: Pg7

Relevance: A good read, focus on the factual details like location of Gadchiroli, Integrated Action Plan, FRA 2006, PMGSY etc.

4. India, Pakistan: Pg10

Relevance: India- Pakistan trade relations.

5. Row between Sudans: Pg12

Clue: Know about the newly formed nation. Its geography, demography and natural resources. Search for South Kordofan conflict, Abyei, Nuba Mountains, Tribal conflict, Dinka tribe, Juba, John Garang, Salva Kiir, Nile river pact etc.

6. Other potential 2 markers and tidbits: Bannerghatta National Park, It’s the casual vacancy(Pg12).

I found only these items useful in Friday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.

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