The Hindu: 14th April 2012, Saturday

1. India to open: Frontpage

Relevance: India Pak trade relations.

2. B R Ambedkar: Pg7

Clue: Know the contribution of ‘Babasaheb’ in the freedom struggle like Mahad Satyagraha, Poona Pact, participation in Round table conferences, head of the draft committee of constituent assembly, author of several books like Who were the shudras, his autobiography- Waiting for a visa, Bharat Ratna in 1990 etc.

3. State of readiness: Pg12

Relevance: Do you know that almost 57% of India’s land is vulnerable to earthquakes, 69% to droughts, 12% to floods and 8% to cyclones?

Focus on the administrative setup for the Disaster Management in India like Disaster Management Act 2005, NDMA, SDMA, DDMA, National Crisis Management group, National Calamity contingency fund, National Disaster Response Force, National Crisis Management Committee, 13th Finance Commission’s recommendations etc.

4. The road to UHC: Pg12

Relevance: Too much of UHC coverage these days, a good read but nothing much to pen down.

5. RIC opposes: Pg14

Relevance: RIC ministers meet is an emerging platform for holding key discussions on wide ranging issues varying from trade to the global political developments. Some of the major issues discussed are Iran’s nuclear programme, opposition to any new sanctions on North Korea, call to resume 6 party talks, South China sea issue etc. The three country bloc has also backed the entry of Afghanistan in SCO and reiterated the need for regional cooperation on Afghanistan.

The future role of RIC is also comprehensively examined in the below article.

6. PM expects new: Pg14

Relevance: The new companies bill focuses on bringing the Corporate Governance, Shareholder Activism, Corporate Social Responsibilities and investor security.Just know about the major changes proposed in the bill.

7. Defence ministry must: Pg14

Relevance: Some of the key recommendations of the group with regard to AFSPA are:

–> Army should be restricted to border areas transferring civilian policing duties to the para military and J&K police.

–> Village defence committees should be constituted.

–> A judicial commission to probe the human rights violations must be appointed.

Take out a moment and read about the special provisions kept in the constitution for J&K, Art 370, AFSPA 1958, Jeevan Reddy committee, Hamid Ansari Task Group, Irom Sharmila etc.

8. Guinea Bissau soldiers: Pg16

Relevance: After Mali, it’s Guinea Bissau which is facing the military coup in Western Africa. Know about the country in general, Portuguese rule, neighboring countries, Carlos Gomes Junior, President Joao B Viera etc.

9. Other potential 2 markers and tidbits: SCOPE(Pg9), PM Najib Razak and HINDRAF(Pg16), Naina lal Kidwai, Countervailing Duties (Pg18), Shiva Thapa, Sumit Sangwan(Pg20), Ivy League Universities(Pg22).

I found only these items useful in Saturday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.

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