The Hindu: 15th April 2012, Sunday

1. Attari border: Frontpage and India, Pak: Pg10

Relevance: India Pak trade relations. Some of the recent initiatives can be summarized as:

–> Allowing FDI from Pak

–> Integrated Check Post at Attari

–> Reducing items in SAFTA sensitive lists

–> New visa regime

–> Proposal to set up a Joint Business Council

2. NRHM: Pg5

Relevance: Read a bit in detail about the NRHM, its structure and funding mechanism, role of PRIs, CHC, PHCs, RKC, VHCs, ASHAs, Mobile Medical Units,JSY, JSSK,IDSP, NCDC, recent NRHM scam, role of state govts,18 special focused states etc.

India’s MMR has come down from 254(2004-6) to 212(2007-9), IMR is reduced from 58(2005) to 47(2010), TFR is reduced from 2.9(2003) to 2.5(2010) etc. These facts are given in the ‘SRS Bulletin’, an important document released under the Census 2011.

3. India, China: Pg11

Relevance: Know the major roadblocks in the India China trade relations like issue of Anti Dumping duties, rising trade deficit of about 27billion$, barriers to mutual investment etc.

4. Other potential 2 markers and tidbits: Rajasthan Special Courts Act 2012(Pg7), Roshni initiative by Rashtrapati Bhawan(Pg10), Yeonpyeong incident, Kim Il sung(Pg14), Iran and P5+1 talks(Pg14).

I found only these items useful in Sunday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.

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