The Hindu: 23rd April 2012, Monday

1. How will ICDS: Pg5

Relevance: Know about the proposed National Early childhood and Education policy(ECCE) being mooted by Ministry of women and child development. This should help:

Also focus on how it seeks to synergise ICDS, Anganwadi centres, Right to Education, RG National Creche Scheme, IGMSY and other state level child nutrition and development programmes.

2. RISAT 1all set for: Pg9

Clue: Prepare your general literature on development of SLV(4 stage), ASLV(5 stage), PSLV(4 stage) and GSLV(3 stage) satellites in India. Focus on the evolution of ISRO(1969), role played by people like Vikram Sarabhai, Satish Dhawan, UN Rao, K Kasturirangan etc, different wings like ISRO Satellite centre(Banglore), Vikram sarabhai satellite launching centre(Trivendrum), Satish Dhawan Space Centre(Sriharikota), LPSC, Mahedragiri, NRSA(Hyderabad), Space Application Centre(Ahemdabad) etc.

Also know about the different types of orbits like Near earth(400km), Low earth(2000km),Geo stationary orbit(36000km), components of satellites, C, Ku, S band transponders etc.

What do you mean by Remote sensing satellies and Geosynchronous satellites? Know the major satellites launched by India like APPLE, INSAT, RISAT, OCEANSAT, Cartosat, GSAT etc Focus on their uses in Telecom, Broadcasting, weather forecasting, data relaying, military operations etc.

Also prepare the topics discussed frequently these days like Reentry technology, Stealth technology, Kevlars, Reusable launch vehicles, GPS, International space stations, Cryogenic technology, CUS project,GSLV Mark I, II and III etc.

Can you answer why the launching stations worldwide( Kourou, Sriharikota, Kennedy etc) are situated on the eastern coasts?

3. A number of countries: Pg12

Relevance: A good read.

4. NLD postpones: Pg13

Relevance: An important development in Myanmar.

5. Sweating over GAAR: Pg14

Relevance: A very informative article. Remember recent initiatives like GAAR, Advance pricing agreement, amendment in treaty with Mauritius, amendments proposed in DTC bill etc. Search previous blogs to get a comprehensive idea.

6. Onus on centre: Pg14

Relevance: Your weekly dose on economy front, nothing much to write.

7. The great wall: Pg8

Relevance: An important issue having political, security and strategical implications. Know a bit about the ECIL(Dept of Atomic energy), SNAS project, Carrier Ethernet Switch Router etc.

8. Other potential 2 markers and tidbits: Francois Hollande(Frontpage and semi presidential system of France), Faiz Ahmed Faiz(Pg2), COBRA(Pg7), Operation Atlanta by EU(Pg9), Indian Ocean Naval Symposium(Pg9), Pulitzer Prize and Huffington Post(Pg11), ETIM, XUAR, Uighurs(Pg12), K Vijay Kumar(Pg12), Watergate Scandal(Pg13),

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4 Responses to The Hindu: 23rd April 2012, Monday

  1. maverick says:

    Great Work !!!!
    Can you pls answer your ques- “Can you answer why the launching stations worldwide are situated on the eastern coasts?”. Tried googling it up but of no luck

  2. amaniitg says:


    After a rocket launches straight up, the rocket control mechanism uses the inertial guidance system to calculate necessary adjustments to the rocket’s nozzles to tilt the rocket to the course described in the flight plan. In most cases, the flight plan calls for the rocket to head east because Earth rotates to the east, giving the launch vehicle a free boost. The strength of this boost depends on the rotational velocity of Earth at the launch location. The boost is greatest at the equator, where the distance around Earth is greatest and so rotation is fastest.

    Having said this it’s always safe to have launches from the eastern coast so that in the case of a mishap, rocket doesn’t fell on the land but in the sea.

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