The Hindu: 26th April 2012, Thursday

1. S&P lowers: Frontpage

Relevance: An important development which shows the receding business sentiments among the foreign investors.

Clue: Know about the BIG-3 credit rating agencies: Moody, S&P and Fitch.

Do you know who Deven Sharma is? Also look for CRISIL and CIBIL.

2. Mullaperiyar: Pg10

Relevance: An important development for sure.

Know about the issue in general, Justice AS Anand Committee etc

Clue: Mark the dam site, Periyar river,Idukki district etc. on map. Know about the rivers in Kerala (NCERT : XIth) particularly west flowing, major water disputes in India (IYB), Art 262, National Water Council etc.

3. India’s clean: Pg12

Relevance: Know about the first, second and third generations of biofuels and the Indo US Energy summit.

4. ICJ election: Pg20

Relevance: Focus on the composition of ICJ, Hague, its mandate and other factual information like Indians who had hold the office in past like Justice Rau, Justice Nagendra Singh and Justice Pathak. It’s important from the PT point of view.

5. Other potential 2 markers and tidbits: Komal Kothari(Pg7), Difference between Optical Remote sensing and radar satellites(Pg9), Mau Mau uprising(Pg9), Asteroids, Meteors and Comets(Pg16), Synriam anti malaria drug(Pg20)

I found only these items useful in Thursday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.

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