The Hindu: 28th April 2012, Saturday

1. Cabinet Secretary’s: Pg5

Relevance: The previous BSP govt made a mockery of the post of Cab Secy by appointing a non IAS therein. A pointer to write in pub ad answers.

2. Monsoon reading: Pg10

Clue: Take out a moment and read about the phenomenon of monsoon formation, its trajectory etc. from the XIIth class NCERT Geography book. I’m sure everyone has read it before but how many of us actually remember it?

Focus on the role played by jet streams, ITCZ, trade winds and corollis force, El nino, La nina, Southern Oscillations, ENSO, Indian Ocean dipole, El nino ‘Modoki’ etc.

3. The Sudan challenge: Pg10

Relevance: A good read on the issue.

4. UN maintains sanctions: Pg11

Relevance: Know about the last year’s political crisis in the former French colony. Some of the keywords to begin with are Laurent Gbagbo, Allasane Quattera, Abidjan, Slave coast, international intervention to resolve the crisis etc.

Do you know the famous Chelsea star Drogba plays for Cote’de Ivory?

5. Cabinet approves: Pg16

Relevance: India Pak trade relations. Some of the recent initiatives can be summarized as:

–> Allowing FDI from Pak

–> Integrated Check Post at Attari

–> Reducing items in SAFTA sensitive lists

–> New visa regime

–> Proposal to set up a Joint Business Council

6. Space shuttle enterprise: Pg9

Clue: Prepare a general literature on the USA’s Space Shuttle programme like it was started way back in 1981, space shuttles like Columbia(STS 1), Challenger(1986 disaster’s 25th anniversary), Discovery, Columbia disaster and Kalpana Chawla, Endeavor, Atlantis( STS 135, the last mission) etc.

7. Other potential 2 markers and tidbits: Justice Bhandari(Frontpage), Leela Samson(Frontpage), Guru Gobind Singh Refinery, Bathinda(Pg5), Orhan Pamuk and his works like My name is red, The white Castle(Pg11), Achievement of Shivnarayan Chanderpaul(Pg17, know the other 9 batsmen to achieve this feet including 3 Indians 🙂 ), Kiran Mazumdar Shaw(Pg17), INS Teg(Pg20).

I found only these items useful in Saturday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.

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