The Hindu: 3rd May 2012, Thursday

1. Equipping teachers: Pg10

Relevance: Know about the E-9 group and its agenda.

2. High level meetings: Pg11

Relevance: A good read, nothing much to note down.

3. NCTC will not: Pg11

Relevance: A good read.

4. India- Myanmar: Pg14

Relevance: Know in general about the various dimensions of India Myanmar relations like cooperation in Hydrocarbon sector, Kaladan multi modal project, Agricultural cooperation, companies like TATA(Magway plant),$500 million line of credit, power projects like Chimtuipui, lungleng etc.

5. Government keeps: Pg14

Relevance: A lot many times I have given reference to the Ashok Chawla Committee on natural resources.

The crux of the report was that it strongly recommended market based pricing for allocation of all natural resources. Its major recommendations for major sectors can be summarised as:

i. Petroleum

–>Open acreage licensing for oil and gas blocks, creation of National Data repository for sharing of exploration data, a separate upstream regulator etc

ii. Coal

–>set up a platform where block owners can sell their excess coal at market price, need for an independent coal regulator etc

iii. Water

–>bring it to concurrent list, a model water law should be enacted,rationalise water prices etc.

iv. Telecom

–> all fresh allocations through competitive auctions, no FCFP, single unified telecom licensing, allow spectrum trading etc.

v. Forest

–> Classify forests according to ecological values to remove delays in giving environment clearances, land users have to pay Net Present Value of forest land, reassessment of valuation of land etc.

6. Regional cinema: Pg14

Clue: Know this year’s National Award winners and Dada Saheb Phalke Award winner( Saumitra Chatterjee). Following is the link for this year’s performers:

7. RBI to implement: Pg16

Relevance: Know specifically the changes proposed in Basel III norms.

First, the quality, consistency, and transparency of the capital base will be raised.(Tier I capital of atleast 7%)

Second, the risk coverage of the capital framework will be strengthened.

Third, the Committee will introduce a leverage ratio as a supplementary measure to the Basel II risk-based framework.

Fourth, the Committee is introducing a series of measures to promote the build up of capital buffers in good times that can be drawn upon in periods of stress (“Reducing procyclicality and promoting countercyclical buffers”).

Fifth, the Committee is introducing a global minimum liquidity standard for internationally active banks that includes a 30-day liquidity coverage ratio requirement underpinned by a longer-term structural liquidity ratio called theNet stable funding ratio.

8. Other potential 2 markers and tidbits: Leela Samson, Kalashetra, Rukmani Devi Arundale(Pg9), Jimmy Wales(Pg18), Shoorveer exercise(Pg22).

I found only these items useful in Thursday’s paper. If you could spot some thing more which is relevant to CSE please feel free to post in comments section.

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7 Responses to The Hindu: 3rd May 2012, Thursday

  1. Anonymous says:

    hey aman, any luck with the result? i can see one aman at 790 rank.

  2. amaniitg says:

    i m sry guyz…i let u all down…unfortunatly cudnt get through this time too 😦
    …i have an attmpt left n wud be appearing this yr (most probably) but certainly wud not be able to write blogs..
    in last few months we have discussed almost all d issues which u folks can always search in the blog..i m sure that will help u
    …i wish all of u all d best…


    • Anil Kumar says:

      Hi Aman,
      I expect that you are preparing well for the mains.
      Can you please start writing newspaper analysis after the mains exam is over.
      It is very useful to the candidates like me.
      and I wish you the best in this attempt.

  3. Sidhartha says:

    Its okay dude. You have just one attempt left, so for all reasons you should follow a single minded approach i.e. cracking the exam.

    Rest, for blog, I think you have already contributed the required. I think those who would have been regular readers would by now have learned, what to pick and what to kick, and how to generate the offshoots.

    So, good luck to you, and may you get the best!

    PS: You go after too many offshoots, many of which are not required for the exam purpose. May be this is the problem with you. Just a feedback:)

  4. Anshika says:

    Don’t lose heart. You haven’t let us down. We’ll always be indebted to you for the guidance. You’ll definitely come out with flying colors next time. All the best. Lets give it our best shot this time.

  5. nitin says:

    aman nitin here from bangalore.. gurinder’s friend .. hope u got me. i tried callin on ur cell and its switched off.. mail me or call me (

  6. Partha says:

    Truly Impressed with your blog Fake Journalist!. I think that with the kind of knowledge you have you will surely emerge as one of the toppers when you give the exam again!

    Best of Luck!

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