What it’s all about?


I’m a civil services aspirant and have appeared for the interview last year. Like most of you guys I’m also trying my best to clear this mammoth exam. This blog is an initiative to help each other especially the beginners in reading and analyzing every day’s events which are important from the examination point of view.

With the changing pattern of UPSC-CSE, newspaper reading has now became an integral part of one’s preparation for General Studies papers both at pre and mains level. Also many questions asked in optionals like Public Administration, Geography, Sociology etc were dynamic in nature and demanded a thorough grasp of current happenings.

So I guess “why to read newspaper”,  a question posed by aspirants few years back is now settled beyond any doubt. But interestingly it has been replaced by even more puzzling riddle “How to read” and “What to read” in the newspaper.This blog is an humble  attempt to answer them.

Frankly, I have found newspapers not just the piece of papers carrying information regarding yesterday’s events rather I believe they are the index to unravel the vast ocean of knowledge just like the index we have in the beginning of any book.  They provide you ideas and snippets which if spotted out intelligently can be utilized as a beginning point to know more about the world. This could no less be applicable for the civil service preparation.

Thus whole idea is to pick the relevant news from the newspapers ( especially The Hindu) and more importantly extract clues from it to know more using the ‘Brahmaastra‘ of modern era- INTERNET and the other standard texts.

But every time we move ahead we must ensure that we are moving in the right direction and the stuff which have been extracted out is both relevant and memorizable in order to be reproduced in the examination hall whenever demanded.

So let’s do this!


6 Responses to What it’s all about?

  1. saumya says:

    Knowing the fine art of unravelling the knowlegde contained in the newspapers is truly the key to crack this exam.cn u also include analysis of indian express and economics times as they too bring out quite relevant articles.nd keep up the good work.it is really helpful.

  2. Ankur says:

    I really appreciate the way you analyze the newspaper. I am just curious – Did you appear for interview this year as well ? And how was your last year’s result ?

  3. amaniitg says:

    ya ankur..i have given intrview this yr as well…
    ..last yr cudn’t make it to d final list 😦

    • Ankur says:

      Best of luck for results this time 🙂 .. Though I’ll be a little sad that I’ll loose your wonderful analysis once you’ll be on the other side of crowd 😀 .. hope you continue them as long as possible for you !

  4. Anonymous says:

    hey the results r out…did you get through ?whats ur rank?

  5. Ankur says:

    Hey sad to know about your result ! Seeing your fabulous work on your blog – I wonder what more this exam requires !! Anyways give your best shot for this attempt. Best of luck !
    By the way are your optionals – Physics and Public Administration ? If I am not wrong – you had scored very well in Physics in your first attempt. I would like to know your marks this year as well.

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